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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Roni Gross, I See You Everywhere, Arnolfini, Bristol

Went to see this exhibition (curated by Nancy Campbell) today at the Arnolfini in Bristol with the Lovely Angie Butler

"I See You Everywhere showcases 25 years of Valentines published by the Artist Roni Gross under the imprint of Zitouna Press. These limited editions consider love and human relationships as they are articulated across society, from song lyrics to sign language, from hunting to horticulture........Gross made her first printied multiple celebrating Valentine's Day in 1989 and since then has used the annual festival to challenge the predicatble graphics and social constructs surrounding romance...."

Myself and Ms Butler had not met up for almost a year so it was nice to have a catch up and combine it with this exhibition. Beautiful letterpress work and gorgeous books.  Angie (being the expert!) was able to explain some of the techniques used.  

The exhibition runs until Sunday 2nd March. If you don't manage to catch it there will be a companion exhibition with works created for Halloween They Cast No Shadows (love the title) at the Centre for Fine Print Research (Bristol) in October. If you're a letterpress geek don't miss it!


  1. What an incredible exhibiton. Thank you for sharing the magic.

  2. You are welcome. Nice to see you back. Hope all is well with you :-)

  3. Knocks Hallmark into a cocked hat! Thanks, Angie.

  4. Indeed it does Di! I was trying to pick a favourite piece of work but couldn't. Its all gorgeous and beautifully made. I like the idea of making a body of work like this every year - very inspirational. Perhaps something we could think about on BAO?



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